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Loss & Grieving
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This article contains a few suggestions for consoling a grieving person.
Published by Gayle Haynes 104 months ago in Loss & Grieving | +2 votes | 0 comments
Loss of a loved one or anyone you may know is a time in oneÂ’s life filled with pain and confusion. Grief is an experience we all share. The parts of grief include; the hurt, the loss of identity, the disbelief, the physical, emotional and spirituals symptoms as well as the time it takes to heal. Grief is a response to events that often seem out of control, without purpose, and sometimes unexpected.
Published by JACKIE PAULSON 106 months ago in Loss & Grieving | +7 votes | 0 comments
An insightful article about loss, the tribulations of those surviving, and another way to look upon loss.
Published by Julie Frey 107 months ago in Loss & Grieving | +1 votes | 0 comments
Grief is normal, but there are many ways of grieving. No two people's experience will be exactly the same. A question a person grieving often asks is how long will it take for the hurt go away? The answer is there is no magical answer, no absolute guidelines. Generally speaking according to the Kubler-Ross model it takes approximately 5 to 7 years. However, depending on the person, and the connection the griever had with the deceased it could take much longer, or maybe not as long.
Published by carol roach 107 months ago in Loss & Grieving | +21 votes | 10 comments
Helping those in their time of need by taking a look into meaningful flowers to send loved ones for support and sympathy over the loss or a death of a loved one. This covers the meanings of flowers related to this subject in order to be able to send your own flowers for a personal message or meaning as well as advice on flowers to send. It also takes a look into the most popular flowers people send as well as floral displays. All Images are by author.
Published by Tanya Wallace 108 months ago in Loss & Grieving | +20 votes | 14 comments
Loss is a natural part of our everyday lives, and there are many different kinds of loss. Many people find these situations traumatic because their lives are irrevocably affected by these events, yet they have little control over them or the emotions they generate. The only thing that can be controlled is how one reacts to them. In that, we do have a choice.
Published by Kristen Glanzman 108 months ago in Loss & Grieving | +6 votes | 6 comments
Losing a love really hurts. What to do when you don't know how to let go, but really need to.
Published by Elizabeth Rose 110 months ago in Loss & Grieving | +4 votes | 2 comments
Here are the phases of grief in reference to death and dying.
Published by Angela Bininger 112 months ago in Loss & Grieving | +25 votes | 4 comments
Helping others survive the pain, mourning and grief associated with the death of a loved one. A poignant, true account.
Published by Sharla Smith 112 months ago in Loss & Grieving | +9 votes | 3 comments
Here's how to write a memorable eulogy that honors a loved one's life.
Published by Natasha Polak 113 months ago in Loss & Grieving | +0 votes | 2 comments
Dealing with grief is a normal part of life, and you can help your loved ones in their time of loss.
Published by Natasha Polak 113 months ago in Loss & Grieving | +1 votes | 1 comments
Montreal folk singer Kate McGarrigle dies at 63
Published by carol roach 113 months ago in Loss & Grieving | +2 votes | 2 comments
Collect photographs and written materials of your loved one who has passed away.
Published by Warren Brown 119 months ago in Loss & Grieving | +5 votes | 5 comments
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